Denise Hardingham

PSYCHOLOGIST (Child / Adolescent / Youth)

Denise is an experienced child and adolescent psychologist specialising in autism intervention, psychotherapeutic interventions for teenage girls and psychoeducational assessment. She can help children, young people and their families with challenges relating to anxiety, depression, school stress, school refusal, interpersonal difficulties, grief, complex/ developmental trauma and behaviours and stress associated with ADHD and Autism. Denise is also highly skilled in psychoeducational assessment for learning and developmental difficulties.

She is a registered psychologist and qualified teacher, full Member of the Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools (APACS) and associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).
Denise has worked extensively in schools including assessment, psychotherapy and consultative support for children and adolescents with mental health issues and those impacted by disability. Denise has substantial expertise in early intervention. Prior to her career in education Denise has worked with people with disabilities across the life span in a range of settings.

Denise currently sits on the executive committees for APACS NSW and APACS National.

In 2018 Denise co-presented at the International School Psychology Association conference in Japan on the use of evidence-based psychotherapy in schools (Evidence-based Practice in Counselling: are school psychologists using what works? 40th Annual ISPA Conference, 16th July 2018).

Denise is committed to genuine functional outcomes for young people and their families. She is a highly skilled practitioner synthesising the most current research with client preferences to reach individual goals.

Practices at: Gordon Psychology Clinic.

Christina Comely


She has a wide range of experience including working within the criminal justice system, in staff support and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). She counsels using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which research has shown has demonstrated efficacy in treating a wide variety of disorders and problems. Christina has presented papers and posters at 17 professional conferences on a variety of issues including cannabis and mental health, spiritually modified CBT and victims in the criminal justice system.

Christina can accept NDIS and Converge International (EAP) clients but not clients of Community Corrections (for conflict of interest reasons related to employment).  If you are a current client of Community Corrections (on parole or a Community Correction Order for example) please ask to see one of the other psychologists at Logic Lounge Psychology.

Christina is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS).

Areas of special interest and experience include:

  • cannabis abuse
  • alcohol abuse
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • mental health disorders
  • work/life balance
  • stress management
  • self esteem issues

Christian Spiritually Modified CBT

Research has demonstrated that incorporating the clients spiritual beliefs and faith in therapy can enhance outcomes. Christina is alway happy to include the spiritual dimension in therapy for clients who wish to do so. While many Christians fear a conflict between psychology and their faith, CBT can be easily modified from a Christian or Jewish perspective to use the power and encouragement of scripture as part of therapy. Christina can attest to the power of using scripture as an anchor when confronting difficult situations and in challenging anxiety.

Academic Qualifications
Master of Philosophy (Sociology)
BSc(hons) psychology
Registered psychologist

Practices at: Gordon Psychology Clinic.

Dr Choon-Hwa Lim


Choon-Hwa is a psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. She has been in private practice on the North Shore since 2011. Prior to private practice, she enjoyed a corporate career including in executive recruitment, outplacement and career counselling.

She is experienced in treating and providing strategies and practical skills for responding to stress, anxiety, depression, burnout including having unrealistically high expectations of self and others, being perfectionistic and being overly driven, grief and loss, singleness, and/or trauma whether historical, recent or current – such as childhood abuse, generational trauma, being bullied or discriminated against, not having a voice at home or in the workplace.

If you are over 18 years old, and these issues are interfering with your health and well-being, your relationships, and your performance and achievements at work or in your studies, Choon-Hwa will walk alongside you to encourage, help and guide you to believe in your potential to find your way out of your situation or dilemma. She will teach you to become resourceful, share knowledge on evidenced-based psychological strategies and equip you with skills to become confident in your own ability and worth again. Her goal is to help you recover and be resourceful and sustainably resilient.

Choon-Hwa enjoys a client base of adults including professionals and tertiary students. She also works with couples and migrants and is happy to see individuals seeking to integrate their faith into the therapy process.

She is a Medicare provider of Focused Psychological Strategies: CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), IPT (Interpersonal Therapy), cognitive and behavioural strategies, psycho-education, motivational interviewing, and skills-training including for mindfulness, relaxation strategies, stress management and cross-cultural communication. She is registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency), and is a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc.


PhD, Culture and Communication, Macquarie University, Sydney

MA (1st class Honours), Psychology, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ

Sessions are conducted in English only.

Practices at: Gordon Psychology Clinic.

Cheryl King


Cheryl is an experienced counsellor, telephone support counselling, case manager, family clinician, group facilitator and relationship educator.
As a provisional psychologist in the final months of a two-year psychology internship, she will complete her 6-year degree in late 2021.
During her long career, Cheryl has supported children, adolescents and families with a variety of needs.
She started her professional life as a high school and TAFE teacher for children at risk and has also held leadership roles in schools.
As a result of her work in the Brighter Futures and Youth Hope programs, Cheryl has a thorough understanding of children’s learning and behaviour.

She currently combines her work at Logic Lounge with a role at Relationships Australia and The Hills Clinic and is therefore uniquely equipped to help individual and families to overcome challenges they face such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, managing child behaviour, learning challenges and differing parenting styles.
In addition to her work with individuals, children and families, Cheryl also has extensive professional experience working in multidisciplinary teams.
Collaborating closely with doctors, allied health therapists and teachers, Cheryl helps clients who struggle with complex issues and provides strategies that are best suited to the needs of the individual.
As a relationship educator, Cheryl works closely with parents to support them with communication, understanding the emotional needs of their children.
She can also provide a range of strategies that assist individuals who are navigating parenting after separation.

Session Costs: $50 per session with no Medicare rebates

Practices at: Gordon Psychology Clinic.

Jerusha Rao

Practice Manager

Jerusha is our Practice Manager. She also takes all our calls for North Sydney & Gordon Psychology.

She is warm, passionate & a great asset to our growing team.