Where are you based?
We have two offices – North Sydney Psychology and Gordon Psychology Clinic. We are located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore at North Sydney (Miller Street) and Gordon (Pacific Highway). Ample parking is available at either location in the adjacent shopping centres.

How much do I have to pay per session?
New patients only – We believe that we’re all different & at times it might be difficult to find the appropriate psychologist for your individual needs, hence we bulk-bill new clients with a valid Medicare Health Care Plan (no gap fee).

How do I obtain a Medicare Health Care Plan?
Visit your GP and request that they create a Medicare Health Care Plan addressed to Sarah Jacob. Bring this in on your initial consultation.

How many session/s can I have with a Medicare Health Care Plan?
6 sessions before requiring a review – which is completed by the GP. This will enable you to have an additional 4 sessions.

What happens if I use up all my 10 sessions for the year & I need more therapy?
If you have completed all 10 sessions for the year, you can visit your GP & request a ‘Chronic Plan’. This will give you an additional five sessions for the year. Once this has been used & you require further therapy, the full rate would be charged by the Psychologist which can range from $140 – $270 per session.

How do I make an appointment?
Call 0416 254 189 – if you don’t get through, please leave a detailed message for a call back. Leave your name and best phone number.

Will I get a notification of my appointment prior to the date?
Yes, you will be notified via an SMS message to your designated mobile number, 48-hrs prior to your appointment time. Please respond with ‘Yes’ to this SMS.

What happens if I can’t attend my appointment?
If you can’t attend your appointment, please let us know more than 24hrs in advance. If not, there is a cancellation fee of $85 to cover the cost of the Psychologist’s time.

What if I prefer to see a female Psychologist?
The majority of our Psychologists are female. We would be able to book you in with one of our female Psychologists. We do also have a male Psychologist who would be able to see clients with this preference.

Do you charge a Gap fee?
At present we don’t charge a Gap fee. With a valid Mental Health Care Plan there is no cost to you.

Is the content of what is discussed in sessions, confidential?
Yes, all content discussed in session is confidential and protected by privacy regulations as set by APS Australian Psychological Society.